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Tom’s World @ Tacloban City

When we went to Tacloban City to go to POEA, we visited Robinsons North Tacloban and played @ Tom’s World.

I was so happy at that time because I played a Giant Claw Machine for the first time. I feel like I don’t want to go home anymore but it cant be because we dont have a house in Tacloban.

Even If I didn’t get any price, I’m still happy because I played with my heart and just became very happy because we traveled outside our city.

How about you, have you been to Robinsons North Tacloban? Share your experiences in the comment section.

This is Jake, thank you for your time reading my Blog, See yah.


Tom’s World is the best Arcade for me. Way back since I was 7 years old when Tom’s World opened their branch here in our city which is Ormoc City at Gaisano Capital Riverside Mall. At first I was really so addicted to arcades specially The Claw Machines.

The reasons why I Love Tom’s World:

1. I become happy when I play Arcade games there.

2. I got may things like slippers, towel and etc. That are Tom’s World Inspired.

3. I got many stuffed toys in our house.

4. It has many exclusive promotions.

For me Tom’s World is really the best arcade here in the Philippines.

How about you, what is the best arcade for you here in the Philippines?

Playing Claw Machine Makes Me Happy

Playing Claw Machines really makes me happy. I dont know why because I grew up playing claw machines if I have a problem or I just want to be happy. This makes me feel like I don’t have any problem. Maybe some of you don’t feel also what I feel because we are all different. All of us have different things that makes us happy.

Playing Claw Machines have good effects like:

1. You will be happy.

2. You will Enjoy

3. You can have a toy that you want to.

But Playing Claw Machines also have bad effects like:

1. You might loss a big amount of money if you don’t get any toy.

2. You might be sad.

3. You might be angry.

4. You might be disappointed.

That would be all, thak you for your time reading this.

Claw Machine Double Press Hack

Did you know that you can beat claw machines by using the Double Press Hack? Maybe you just know it today. Well I learned it from different Claw Machine Youtubers while watching videos on YouTube.

Double Press Hack – makes the claw strong and grabs the toy that you want to get perfectly.

But in some Claw Machines, Double Press Hack doesn’t work because the claw only gets the prize because its strong on the first scene but drops it again. Dont worry because you can still apply Double Press Hack in some Claw Machines

How to do it:

Step 1: Insert the Coin to PLAY.

Step 2: Aim for your Price.

Step 3: If you already aimed the toy PRESS THE BUTTON.

Step 4: Press it again when it move closer down.

Finally You Can Get The Toy.